-ザ  ス ズ メ  プ ロ ジ ェ ク ト-

a story about stories

What lies at the heart of creation

Shinzou Tojin has brought entire worlds to life.
But all he's doing is drawing, right?
They're just stories. No more than paper, and ink.
Shinzou Tojin thought so.
And now, he'll pay the price.

- Trailer -

- What is the suzume project? -

In Japan, popular animation or アニメ "anime" is most often adapted from comics or books, usually in the format of "manga" or "light novels".Book 1: Paradise is an illustrated novel that emulates this style, blending my own tastes with that of Japanese work.

I believe The Suzume Project has the potential to be taken forward as an animated series, but the Book is the foundation of this mission.

I can explore this world and these characters in a richer, more advanced way with both writing and visuals, and I'm excited to begin the first leg of the journey in the first title of this series;PARADISE.

Is it not too cruel, that we have the ability to envision places we'll never visit?I hope to take you on a journey that will share these feelings with you.

- writing sample -


🌸Happy new year!🌸

I think it's impossible not to be excited when everyone's looking ahead to an uncertain future, but for both everything that goes well and doesn't I hope we can all see progress and something worthwhile come out of 2023!
Can't wait to get to know you all & begin pulling together a creative, fun community, have an amazing start to the new year, everyone!


🎇"Our story begins... in golden lights"🎇

This is my absolute favourite illustration so far of The Suzume Project's very own cherry-blossom-haired protagonist, Suzume Fledgeling.
She's presented here in a rare somber, quiet moment, and I plan to show off just as much of our Samurai Girl having lots of fun and adventures!


- What's the plan? -

I will work with every intention to fulfil this forecast; but I have intentionally made it borderline unrealistic for myself. Dates & timelines may shift, but I will continue to update on my progress as more & more gets done.

February-March 2023 - Final Draft Self-Editing, In-Page Illustration Drafts

March 2023 - Professional Editing, Proofreading, Publisher Campaign

March 2023
New Animated Trailer Production

April 2023 - In-Page Illust Finished

The Suzume Project: Book 1 - PARADISE

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